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          Contact Us

          To report your child's absence please either email attendance@vynersschool.org.uk or phone in via the attendance line and leave a message.  Absence should be reported on a daily basis by parent/carer only. Please do not email staff directly to report absence.

          If you have any queries with regards to your child, or any matters that you wish to discuss, then please contact your child's tutor as the first point of contact.  Please click on the relevant tutor below to submit your query/request.

          Tutorial 13C Ms Dias

          Tutorial 13F Mrs Bennett or Dr Abbas

          Tutorial 13G Mrs Maksymowch or Miss Teji

          Tutorial 13H Mrs Cox or Ms Dao

          Tutorial 13M Mr Welch

          Tutorial 13W Miss Griffin or Ms Connolly

          Tutorial 12C Miss Holt

          Tutorial 12F Mrs Vine or Ms Jamshad

          Tutorial 12G Mr McDonough or Mr Sarraf

          Tutorial 12H Mr Bendifallah

          Tutorial 12M Miss Vorce

          Tutorial 12W Mr Beale

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